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March Hound of the Month

hollybelle_adopted-240x300hollybelle_adoptedHi there everyone, my name is Hollybelle and I’m a 7 year old female basset. Let’s just say that I’ve had a pretty rough go of things lately, but I’m recovering well and doing great! I may now only have three legs, but I can walk at night with my other basset housemates with no trouble at all! I walk up the slope to find the best sunny spots with my hound friends, too. The docs have told my foster mom I am now a fit “tri-paw.” Life is much better.

Let me tell you what I have to offer your family. I’m housetrained, I get along with other dogs and I walk well on a leash. In fact, I love my walks. We can walk together every day which will be so good for us. And, one of the upsides of losing a leg is that I think I’ll get lots of extra attention on our walks. I can help you meet lots of new folks or just become better acquainted with your dog friendly neighbors.
And on top of that, I’m March’s Hound Of The Month, which means my adoption fee is half off – how great is that?!?! Please visit my Homeless Hounds page and give BHRSC a call today!

BREAKING NEWS: I was adopted and am now loving my new forever home. I couldn’t be happier to snuggle with my new family. Thanks BHRSC!

It’s time for the $5 BHRSC Merchandise sale!
We are having a sale, you have to check it out! Check out our great deals HERE, available for the a limited time only. All of our merchandise proceeds benefit BHRSC hounds in need AND make the best gifts for the Basset lover in your life.

BHRSC’s Annual Yard Sale is almost here!
Join Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California for a day of great shopping and lots of bargains! It’s going to be early this year, on April 12th.

We will be at the lovely, historic victorian home of the Dennis family in Whittier. Folks donate to our amazing yard sale from all over Southern California and donations include furniture, tools, toys, clothing, household items, decor items, books, movies, craft items and supplies, and much more! If you’re looking for something specific, we will probably have it, so come check it out.

And, of course, we will have some great food items – baked goods, hot dogs & soft drinks! All funds raised through the annual BHRSC yard sale go directly to helping the homeless Hounds of Southern California. You can even meet some of our lovely hounds at the Yard Sale!

We also would love to hear from you about donating. It’s the perfect time to give your house the ol’ Spring clean and let us know what you’d like to pass on to us. You should even ask your friends and family for items – we need your stuff!

All the details
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
7758 College Avenue
Whittier, CA

Please click HERE to see the BHRSC Yard Sale flyer for even more information about this event, including how to donate. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Carol by clicking HERE!

New Volunteer Positions Available!
Are you interested in volunteering for BHRSC? We always need volunteers and would love to hear from you. Here are some positions that have recently opened up:

Merchandise Coordinator
Bio Writer
Home Visit Assistant
Web Assistant
Check our Volunteer Page for in-depth descriptions of these, as well as several other open positions. You can also download the volunteer application HERE!


Now you can help while you shop (and search). Use the links below to select BHRSC as your charity of choice and the organizations will donate a portion of your purchase cost (or tally up your searches to raise money) back to BHRSC automatically. The best part is it’s free to you and to us!

We owe a “houndful” of thanks to …
Lynn Brindle!

Because she’s the recipient of this month’s Houndful of Thanks volunteer award!

Lynn spends hours putting together videos for special occasions, whether its for a special hound or a touching Holiday video. Lynn also works on the FB hound descriptions and she does a fantastic job as our adoption assistant.
Thank you Lynn for taking the time to help and love our hounds. We couldn’t do it without you!

Bailey says “I Really Need A New Harness, Please!”

Looking for a way to help out the hounds this howliday season?

Check out our Wish List! While stamps and harnesses are in particularly high demand, we are grateful for any and all help replenishing these much needed items.

Checkout our new BHRSC hoodies! Great for the Southern California Holiday “Chill”.
You can purchase your hoodie on our women’s clothing or men’s clothing pages. And check out our other gift items for family and friends on your holiday shopping list!

Dog Bite Laws

We all know how much traumatic pain you could proceed through after a dog assault, when it occurs to your kids who are virtually all vulnerable especially. If you or a person in your loved ones has been bitten by someone else’s dog, it is possible to get compensated for damages. You will have to seek the ongoing services of dog bite legal representatives to be able to be informed of your options. You should make certain you do identify who owns the dog soon after being attacked by your dog. If the victim possesses been attacked by a stray pet then the physician should be informed to be able to treat against rabies. Find a great attorney in La Crosse Wisconsin.

The right is experienced by every individual to recuperate any damage that’s due to dog attacks, but this only will depend on where in fact the attack occurred. Some claims are strict in terms of dog bite injuries, one may be capable of getting compensated when:

– Your dog attack is due to negligence of your dog owner;
– The dog owner violates the leash legislation and leaves her or his pup running at loose;
– A puppy has been held by the owner even though it has injured various persons in the past.

So as to know your entire rights with regards to dog bite injuries, you shall need to contact your dog bite lawyers. The dog bite legal professionals will tell you if you’re going to be permitted to recover compensation for damages by regulations. The attorneys may also inform your dog bite victims on the damages they can end up being compensated for by your dog owner. Contact your dog bite attorneys and make certain that your privileges are protected.

My Dog ate my weightlifting Shoes!

Basset hounds and other dogs sometimes have a problem with chewing everything in sight. Sometimes shoes can be out and smell delicious to dogs. Weightlifting shoes can be very expensive and if your dog gets a hold of them there is nothing left. If you want to find the best weightlifting shoes you may want to keep them in a place where your dog cannot get to them.

The best place to find lifting shoes is on amazon. you can also find some good options at walmart or target. Chuck taylors work very well for squatting or deadlifting.

There are also sprays that you can use to make sure your dog doesn’t eat your favorite things, but sometimes these do not smell good or they can be sticky. Not the best thing for many situations.

Puppies and young dogs are the worst at destroying everything in your house and for the first years of your dogs life you may want to put everything up and if you go out to kennel your dog.

Hunting dogs

To be clear, hunting dogs are a step above other dogs. They need normal obedience training, as well as retrieving training. For a hunting dog to have the behavior of a true hunting dog, he needs to have several levels of behavior such as having all senses, especially the sense of smell. Other levels of behavior that are necessary are: reflexes, instinct, emotions and intelligence. There are 10 dogs that are especially good hunting dogs. For example, there is the Labrador Retriever. The Labrador is considered to be the best hunting dog. This dog has a great deal of energy, has a cold-weather coat and is willing to go to any lengths to retrieve what has been shot down.

Another good hunting dog is the American Foxhound. This kind of dog has been bred with the sole purpose of hunting foxes. They, too, will go to great lengths to chase down anything you tell them to. The Beagle is another good hunting dog. They are persistent, love the chase and have a great deal of energy. They especially love chasing rabbits. The Pointer is another good hunting dog but they do better in southern states. They excel when finding and bagging birds; especially in a long and expansive field.

Bloodhounds are known to be ruthless hunters and with their keen sense of smell and the ability to track almost anything, they do well when it come to hunting and retrieving. Of course, Golden Retrievers do well also; even though they are known to be more of a family dog. Still, they are effective when it comes to small game. Dogs are great when hunting with a mosin nagant Rifle with a custom stock. Coonhounds also make a good hunting dog; especially if you want to get rid of raccoons. Their strong sense of smell will find those coons, no matter where they are hiding! This kind of dog can travel over all kinds of terrain and can endure various climate conditions. Two other types of hunting dogs are the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Weimaraner.

To conclude, there are 10 types of hunting dogs; each having the special traits of a hunting dog. Find out more about hunting dogs from your veterinarian or from the Internet. With the many skills and abilities of hunting dogs, they are highly beneficial when hunting and retrieving prey.